Lee Pace

04.12.12 – 19.01.13

Lee Pace (Thranduil / The Hobbit & Garrett / Breaking Dawn)

Lee Pace Lee Pace2

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

Wooooooohoooo!! When I saw this envelope stamped from New York I hoped, really hoped that it would be this autograph (because I don’t recall many other letters I sent to NY in the last months), but at the same time I didn’t dare to hope. So I ripped open the envelope very nervously, and then danced for joy. Lee Pace somehow already made it to my urgent “must have” list even before I saw him in any movie, because – well, because he would be Thranduil in the Hobbit, and the first photo of him as the elven king is pretty amazing in my opinion (I know others think the crown is ridiculous, but I like it ;)). So I already wrote him via the Hobbit set in June 2011, without success. Then in early November via the same play I got this answer now. But that was pretty early and also there was this big storm exactly in NY just a few days before, so I imagine the letter could have been lost. And I didn’t want to risk missing this opportunity, so I wrote him again a week before the Hobbit aired – at least by then I had already seen Breaking Dawn and his character was my favourite, so one more reason to write him. Of course then I also loved his short appearance as Thranduil and I really can’t wait to see more of him in the next movie!

Since the Hobbit cast’s autographs are more or less my main objective to obtain, Lee Pace shot up in my most wanted list for 2013, so after a very disappointing beginning of January, concerning autographs, this now is certainly one the best compensations possible.

I added one full scan to the Hobbit page (LotR -> Hobbit) and one to the Twilight page (Other Movies -> Twilight)

5 thoughts on “Lee Pace

  1. I’d love to get a Thranduil picture signed as well, but I seem to be able to find a good enough on online. Any hints where I could look?

    • I usually look at google –> images –> search options: there you can choose the size of the pics. The bigger, the better, and for the search term “Thranduil” there are quite a few very high res pics.
      Good luck! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful thing to receive, thanks for sharing this! Makes one believe in getting a reply one day, hopefully! Would you still be able to remember what address you used to send he request? Grateful!

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