Dean O’Gorman

08.08.11 – 17.01.13

Dean O’Gorman (Fili / The Hobbit)

Dean OGorman Dean OGorman2

2/2 signed, one of them personalized

Hell yeah! Dean O’Gorman proved to be a difficult case til now, but when a friend got his autograph yesterday I hoped that he’d answer my letter as well, although I had already sent it over 1 1/3 years ago. I’m very happy when I got his autograph now. Although I’ll probably send another letter anyways because I already printed out a few newer photos a few weeks ago, which I’d love to have signed. But for now I’m more than glad to have another Hobbit dwarf in my collection – now I’m only lacking William Kircher and Jed Brophy (though I already have the latter on an LotR orc pic, but of course I wanna have his signature on a dwarf photo as well!)

As for Dean O’Gorman / Fili: I love him in the first Hobbit movie. I have two lists of favourite dwarves, one for the Top 3 characters, and one for the “hotness factor”. Fili makes #3 on the latter (after Thorin and Kili ;)). And I guess he’d make #4 or #5 on the character list, but Bofur and Balin were too awesome so they are #2 and #3. Thorin leads on both lists, obviously XD But 3 and 4 respectively of 13 dwarves is pretty good, isn’t it 😉 Can’t wait to see him (and the other dwarves) in the second movie. And in the first movie on BluRay, for that matter *waits impatiently*

Added the full scans to the Hobbit page (Lord of the Rings -> Hobbit)

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