Zachary Quinto


Zachary Quinto (Spock / Star Trek)

Zachary Quinto


I already told you in the Chris Pine post how I got to watch Star Trek 2009 just out of boredom and immediately became a fan, and Spock was and still is my favourite character in the movie. It’s so fascinating how Zachary Quinto manages to show such deep emotion in a person who pretty much purged all emotion. My three favourite scenes are the following: 3rd: The scene after Spock relieves himself of duty, when he, noticeably hurting, walks through the ship to the transporter room, where Sarek then tells him, that he married Amanda because he loved her (not for his job as embassador). 2nd: After Spock’s rescue mission to Vulcan, when he realizes that he lost his mother forever, staring at the spot where she was supposed to stand after Chekov beamed them up from Vulcan. And 1st: When Kirk provokes him by telling him that he never loved his mother, and one can see him getting more and more furious and unable to control himself but still tries, and then finally snaps and almost kills Kirk, and when he slowly comes around after Sarek calls his name.

But of course the not hurting side of Spock is awesomely acted, too, for example when Cpt. Pike makes Kirk First Officer and Spock tells him that he’s not familiar enough with human pranks, etc., and when he discovers the literally futuristic functions on the small ship of his older self (“fascinating!”) 😉

I simply love Zachary’s performance throughout the entire movie and can’t wait to see him in Star Trek into Darkness.

I’ll probably watch “Heroes” very soon (because of him), so I didn’t mind that the photo is one of Sylar in Heroes – I just wanted to have his autograph so badly. Now I can at least try more calmly to get his signature on a pic of Spock. I’m also pretty curious about his role in “American Horror Story”, but since I can’t take seeing horror movies, I probably won’t watch that one, although I heard that he was brilliant in it.

And what also impressed me very much about Zach was his commitment in the US election campaign, the way he stood up and spoke for Obama on various events.

So I’m very happy to have his autograph now, although of course I hope to get a personalized autograph from him on a pic of Spock eventually.

Added the full scan to the Other movies section, since I still haven’t decided where to put a Star Trek page *lol*


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