Miranda Otto

09.02.12 – 01.12.12

Miranda Otto (Eowyn / Lord of the Rings)

Miranda Otto Miranda Otto2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Aaaaaaahhh! I never ever thought I’d get this one back! Filming must have ended months ago and I never had much hope for it, because Miranda so rarely signs. I loved her performance in the Lord of the Rings movies (and Eowyn was a way better match for Aragorn than Arwen in the films ;)), and I had hoped to get her autograph since I started collecting. For some reason (I guess, money) I didn’t take the chance when she attended the RingCon 2006, and regretted it… this is an amazing surprise and so close to Christmas 🙂 Wooohohoo 🙂 *jumps around*

Her signature on the second photo is badly smudged, but at least not the one on the LotR pic. I’m very happy right now 🙂

Added the full scans to the LotR page.


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