Dev Patel

13.07.12 – 12.10.12

Dev Patel (Prince Zuko / The Last Airbender)

3/3 photos signed, one of them personalized

Although many people – especially fans of the original comic – hate this movie, I really like it. I do not know the original series, nor am I annoyed by movie adaptations that don’t follow exactly the original, so it probably wouldn’t even bother me if I knew the source material. Also, I’m quite easily to impress if a movie offers a) mystic/beautiful landscapes, b) a beautiful or epic score and c) fantasy. So if they don’t screw it up by bad special effects, I’m prone to like it 😉 Having said that, I *really* liked The Last Airbender, and especially Dev Patel’s role, Prince Zuko. It’s a pity that we’ll probably never see the sequel(s). If I understand it correctly, Zuko’d become Aang’s ally and Fire Lord – I’d have loved to see that on screen.

I added the full scans to the Other Movies section.


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