Cheryl Ladd

06.03.12 – 13.10.12

Cheryl Ladd (Mary Courtney / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Although I couldn’t enjoy her episode, I really liked her performance. Her role was super interesting and her acting, and David McCallum’s, especially in her last scene with Ducky, was brilliant. That’s why I wrote her. Now… why didn’t I like the episode then? Because at this time there was an overdosis of episodes which involved family members/other personal relationships of the NCIS team, and every time someone gets involved with one of them, he/she is involved in the case, and/or the culprit. And that got SO annoying at this time, that I thought, 20 minutes into this episode: “Please DON’T let Mary be involved in this case, please don’t let Mary be involved in this case, please don’t….”, and with my attention drawn to this, I feared pretty quickly, that she indeed was involved in the case… and that she indeed was the murderer was just super annoying.

That’s my live reaction in twitter to this episode, btw.:

Okay… so similarity: 2 military types who are flirting with women…. Mary said she liked men in uniform. Please don’t tell me, it’s her.

And she’s a doctor, and that drug dealer seems to be in a clinic… please please please don’t tell me, it’s her…. -.-

Oh damn it! -.- why… why do relatives/people in some kind of relationship with the team always have sth to do with the case? -.- *annoyed*

So, yeah… that totally ruined the episode for me, but it’s not Cheryl Ladd’s fault, in fact her and David McCallum’s acting was the only thing that saved the episode a bit for me. So I’m really glad I got her autograph 🙂

I added the full scans to the NCIS/NCIS:LA section


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