Stephen Hunter

29.08.11 – 28.09.12

Stephen Hunter (Bombur / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed, and a short, kind letter

Aaaand the other dwarf autograph; this one took quite a while. What you can tell from the trailers, it looks like a few of Bombur’s scenes will be totally hilarious. My mental cinema vividly shows very horrified elves who fear for their furniture and their food supplies. Can’t wait to see him in Imladris (and of course in general)! 😀

Full scans added to the Hobbit section (Lord of the Rings -> Hobbit).





One thought on “Stephen Hunter

  1. Hi
    Gratulation zum Hobbit-Autogramm. Du kanns dich freuen. Mal sehen was bei mir so herum kommt und ob ich mich wegen dem Hobbit auch freuen kann mit einem Autogramm. Bis zum nächsten Mal! Liebe Grüße Anne

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