Stephen Lang

18.07.12 – 20.08.12

Stephen Lang (Col. Quaritch / Avatar & Cmdr. Taylor / Terra Nova)

2/2 photos signed

Wooohoo! Although he isn’t listed on my “top Most Wanted” list, it def. was one of my most wanted autographs. I love Avatar and all the cast, even the bad guys, and Stephen Lang did such a great job playing this coldblooded bastard Quaritch. Then, on the other hand (what made me like him as an actor even more), his role in Terra Nova. It was so funny when I looked into this series because of the dinosaurs, and then heard this very familiar voice greeting the newcomers. I *really really* expected this voice to say “you’re not in Kansas anymore; you’re on Pandora”, because this situation was SO similar 😀

For quite some time I doubted (probably thanks to Quaritch & Avatar) if Taylor was indeed the good guy as he wanted everyone to believe. Lang did a great job playing this seemingly ambiguous Commander. I’m glad Taylor turned out to be a good guy after all. It’s a shame that Terra Nova got cancelled!

I’m very glad that I got his autograph now. One of the rare cases I was very patient and had written to him only once before. 😀

I added one of the full scans to the newly built Avatar page (Other movies -> Avatar; the password is the same as for the other pages) and the other one to the Other TV shows section.


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