Damien Molony

12.03.12 – 22.03.12

Damien Molony (Hal / Being Human)

2/2 photos signed, wrote a nice note (posted only the signature, not the note)

After the season 3 finale of Being Human I really wasn’t sure if I’d continue to like the show, because Mitchell was my favourite character, but since George was still there and he was closely following second favourite, I decided to keep watching. Yeah well… until I learned that George would die too, in the season premiere 😀 Still, I was curious and was willing to give the new characters a chance, watched the 2nd episode – and immediately fell in love with Hal 😀

Hal and Tom make such a hilarious “couple”. Their relationship is so direct and I like that they butt heads quite often. The season got better and better with each episode. And I CAN’T wait to see the season finale, after this penultimate episode! I really hope both survive the finale and that there will be a 5th season, with both of them of course!. Until then, I’m very happy about these autographs and especially about the kind note.

Thank you so much, Damien!

I added the full scans to the Other TV shows section.


2 thoughts on “Damien Molony

    • Hi, I’m afraid I sent my letter via a play which moved from theatre to theatre. It’s called “Travelling Lights”. It was at The Lowry Theatre from March 13 to 17. As far as I remember, it still tours at the moment, but I don’t know where and when. However, there was a success from another fan, via his agency. I think it’s safer to try this address:
      Independent Talent Group Ltd
      Oxford House
      76 Oxford Street
      London, W1D 1BS

      Good luck. And I agree, season 4 was great!

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