Michael Fassbender

18.07.11 – 21.03.12

Michael Fassbender (Magneto / X-Men: First Class; Stelios / 300)

3/3 photos signed, one of them personalized.

Woooho! I literally jumped when I opened that envelope. I had thought about sending Mr. Fassbender a letter since I saw him in 300, but didn’t – but after seeing X-Men: First Class, in my opinion the best X-Men movie so far, I just had to! I mean, I didn’t expect much from the movie after the Wolverine prequel, and because I had gotten used to Ian McKellen’s and Patrick Stewart’s faces as Magneto and Prof. X, that I seriously doubted that I would like the movie. I was so wrong! Fassbender and McAvoy are just brilliant together and I really really hope they’ll do a sequel to First Class.

But til then… I have those very nice autographs to delight in – the decications are marvelous. To write “peace” on the photo of a character for whom “peace was never an option”, is hilarious and cute 😀

I added the full scans to the Other Movies section.


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