Nathaniel Parker

08.12.11 – 10.03.12

Nathaniel Parker (Agravaine / Merlin & King Caspian IX / Narnia)


2/2 photos signed and personalized

Woooohoo! After a dryspell of one month, I got a new autograph today, on my birthday. Perfect timing to end that dry spell!

I wanted to obtain Mr. Parker’s autograph since I saw him in the british series Merlin, as Arthur’s sinister uncle Agravaine. I only realized later that he also appeared (for 5 seconds or so) in the 3rd Narnia movie, as Caspian’s father – obviously as in Caspian’s imagination while opposing the green mist.

It’s a pity that Agravaine’s storyline ended that way, I liked his subtle wickedness (and Arthur’s complete ignorance regarding his trusted advisor). However. I’m really glad that I got his autograph now and today 🙂

I added one full scan to the Merlin section (other TV shows -> Merlin), the other to the Narnia section (other movies -> Chronicles of Narnia).


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