Christina Ricci, Mads Mikkelsen, Julia Garner, Robert Pattinson


Christina Ricci (Lilly (v) / Alpha & Omega)
Mads Mikkelsen (Tristam / King Arthur; Rochefort / Three Musketeers)
Julia Garner (Susan / Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen / Twilight)

I got all four autographs in person during the two final days of the Berlinale. It was my first – well, it wasn’t exactly the premiere, although I planned to collect at the Bel Ami premiere -… let’s say, IP collecting apart from the RingCon and earlier during the Tennis tournament Faber Grand Prix in Hannover.

It was more a coincidence because I was supposed to have a job interview in Berlin (today), and when I asked a friend if there was something interesting in Berlin (*waves at Nicole*) she told me about the Berlinale (yeah, no idea how I could miss that :D). But I got another job offer, so I cancelled the job interview, but not my visit to Berlin. On Friday I met Nicole *waves again* and I’m so glad that I could have my premiere’s premiere 😉 in company of a very experienced IP collector 😀

Well, we met at 10 am to wait for the press conference of Bel Ami, which was to go down at 13:45. But of course, with Robert Pattinson attending, we needed to be there early. We got very good spots to wait and wait and wait… *lol* He arrived early, to be able to sign as many autographs as possible. And he did. I think he signed for 20-30 minutes, took photos etc, went the full circuits and I think he signed for everybody who was there. He wasn’t even done yet when Christina Ricci arrived. She signed a hand full of photos and turned to the hotel door, but then turned around again and came in our direction. So we got her autograph. She seemed a bit stressed, but still very kind. But some person are really rude… they shoved their photos over the fence, I almost lost my beanie, because they pushed and reached over my shoulders and my head etc. >:-/

So I’m pretty glad, that Christina only signed a few photos on our side and then went to the other side. She signed a few more photos there and then went inside. And we were still waiting for Robert Pattinson who was still signing and taking photos with fans 😀

Weird, that it started to rain every time both actors came closer. 😀 Well, but then we got an autograph from Robert. I think on mine he started to write Rob (“R”…), then paused, saw the note on the photo for the dedication, then wrote “Ne”(…le) and then signed again. 😀

After he went inside, we waited, and then a real bummer… when they came out, Holliday Grainger (played Sophia in “Merlin”) was the first to come out. We were too surprised, had no photos and didn’t realize quick enough who she was (I reached over the fence with my blanc book but I guess not decisive enough). So she left without signing more than 1-2 autographs, but obviously not for us since we didn’t react in time.

We had our autographs, so we decided not to go to the premiere in the evening, but to meet the next day to wait on the red carpet for the awards show.

We didn’t get a good spot then, too many people already. But then there was a surprise: Mads Mikkelsen came and signed for most of the fans waiting there. He seemed very nice and down-to-earth, smoking on the red carpet and strolling up and down 😀

And then, of course, jury member Jake Gyllenhaal. Man, he looks good! *drools* He signed a few photos when he came out of the car, then turned to the press photographers, but I think there was still someone else in front of them, so he same back to the fans, signed more…. and stopped 1 1/2 meters in front of me *cries* That was so frustrating 😦 Well, he went into the Berlinale Palast for the show. We waited for him to come out after the show, but he left through the back exit 😦

Julia Garner came out and signed for us and a few more people waiting there. Very nice person too, she apologized for not being good in spelling, when I had to repeat the spelling of my name 😀 After waiting til… I don’t know, 10pm maybe, we dispersed. Before going home (or rather to my aunt where I was staying), I went to the hotel where Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to be staying and left an envelope with the photo I had hoped he would sign… now I hope they forwarded it to him and that he either already signed it or will sign it and send it to me. Although I don’t have high hopes of course.

But for my first “premiere”, it was a great success and I loved it. I think it is addicting! Maybe one day I can try to collect during the entire Berlinale… or another premiere with actors that I’m more interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I especially loved to get Christina Ricci’s autograph, but I already had Robert’s and Mads’, so they weren’t the most important ones for me. But since I went there to just get to know that feeling and the atmosphere, it was great and addicting! 🙂

I added the full scans of all but Robert’s autograph to the Other Movies section (and his to the Twilight section).


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