Matt Craven

06.09.11 – 11.02.12

Matt Craven (SecNav Clayton Jarvis / NCIS & CIA Director McCone / X-Men: First Class)

2/2 signed and personalized (the second signature is barely visible. A bit better in reality than on the scan, which I brightened up)

Yes yes yes! I didn’t even know that he signed, but I really hoped for it. I like twisted characters like Jarvis in NCIS – yeah I know, by now even Equatorial Pygmies know that – and I enjoyed every encounter between him and Gibbs or Vance so far. Oh, and his conversation with Tony in 9×01 – terrific, how he made that counter-threat when Tony threatened to leave. 🙂 Of course I hope he’ll be back soon (and Scott Wolf/Casey Stratton too, another character with great potential)!

Also I liked him very much in X-Men: First Class. This stupified look when Raven changed her form 😀 Brilliant!

I added the full scans to the NCIS section.


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