Ciarán Hinds

29.12.11 – 14.01.12

Ciarán Hinds (Aberforth Dumbledore / HP & Firmin / Phantom of the Opera)

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

Yup, 3 photos… but the signature on the third is almost not visible on the scan (on the photo itself it’s better), so I didn’t upload it. I wanted to write to him for quite some time, but only when I was writing the letter, I realized – or rather read on imdb – that he played Firmin in the Phantom of the Opera. I don’t know why, but I would NEVER noticed that, although he has a recognizable face and I’ve watched PhotO so many times. Now that I know it, it’s clear and obvious 😀 Well, that was a pleasant surprise, and I added a PhotO picture to the two I had printed out earlier. He signed all three, yay. Btw. funny thing is: as a reward for my finished thesis I bought a couple of DVDs… the Nativity Story knowing that he was part of the cast, but then I looked at the other DVD just now. Guess who’s part of the “Amazing Grace” cast. Yup. 😀

Added the Aberforth-autograph to the HP section (other movies -> HP) and the Nativity Story and the PhotO autograph to the Other movies section.


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