Matthew Willig

22.08.11 – 05.12.11

Matthew Willig (Special Agent Simon Cade / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

Yaaaay!! My letter finally got through 😀 I immediately liked the “new” NCIS team and I would have loved to see them in action together in a spin-off – of course now 2/3 third of them are dead and the last one’s gone MIA null  Too bad that the writers always waste interesting guest roles like that.

I’m so glad that I got this autograph, which means the team’s represented completely in my collection (although I cheated by taking one of Alimi Ballard’s autographs from the Numb3rs section and putting it in the NCIS collection ;D). Now I’m thinking about if I should send the third autograph to Sarah Jane – haven’t seen any TTM autograph from Alimi since Numb3rs, so I wouldn’t risk to send it to him – … but atm it feels like 1/2 of my letters get lost, so I don’t know if I wanna risk it anyway. Hmmm…. I’ll think about it.

Thank you very much @Matthew!

I added the full scans to the NCIS section.


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