Martin Freeman

10.06.11 – 27.09.11

Martin Freeman (Bilbo / The Hobbit)

3/3 photos signed & personalized

Wow! What a month! I rarely got so many successes in one month before. And today one autograph I surely had hoped for. Martin Freeman, who played a small but funny part in “Love actually” (the only romance movie I, like… or love, actually 😉 ). But of course I also & mainly wrote to him because of his role as Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit movies. Awesome that I got his signature now, although I kinda regret that I didn’t wait for Hobbit promo photos before I sent to him. Whatever! I’m so happy about this success! Maybe I’ll send to him again later, when there’s another promo pic of him as Bilbo, maybe not. The ones I don’t have sure have priority now. 🙂

I added the full scans of the photos to the Hobbit section.


7 thoughts on “Martin Freeman

  1. What did you do to get his autograph?! I’m desperate to get his signature. Your help would be really appreciated!

  2. I too am interested in how you got his autograph as I’m trying to get his for my girlfriend who absolutely loves him, any help would be great!

    • Hi,

      I sent him via the Hobbit film set, but they finished shooting a week ago…
      I haven’t seen a success via his agency yet, but if you want to look it up, I think it’s CAM in London.

      Good luck if you try!

  3. I’ve found 2 mail address and I don’t which one is correct :C
    1: Martin Freeman
    4th Floor
    111 Shoreditch High Street
    London E1 6JN

    2.Martin Freeman
    United Talent Agency
    9336 Civic Center Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604

    Could you help me ? Please 🙂

    If you could please reply on my mail address 🙂

    • Since he’s a british actor and normally seems to reside in the UK, I’d say the first address. However, I haven’t seen a recent success from him via this address. But maybe you’ll be lucky. I’ll cross my fingers.

      • Thanks 😉 Could you advise what to do ? I really want his autograph but if he wasn’t sign photos send on this adress it doesn’t make sense to send letter, right ? Shoud I wait until he will play in any film and then send the letter on via address ?

        Sorry for my mistakes ! My english isn’t still as good as i want 🙂

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