Luke Evans

22.06.11 – 21.09.11

Luke Evans (Apollon / Clash of the Titans & Bard / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed + added smale b&w

Hrhrr, I got another success from Luke Evans. Via his agency this time, because I sent there first but since I hadn’t seen a success via that address before and didn’t wanna miss the chance via venue, I sent both requests in a very short time instead of waiting. I’m very glad I got this one back, though, because he signed the picture of him as Apollon in Clash of the Titans, which I think is really impressive, and the Hobbit collage. Plus he added another b/w pic which he also signed. I uploaded only 2 thumbnails in this post, because the signature on the Apollon photo is so big, I would have had to post the entire pic here.

I added the full scans of (all three) photos and to the Hobbit section.

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