Gena Rowlands

23.08.11 – 14.09.11

Gena Rowlands (Joann Fielding / NCIS)

2/2 signed

It was my second request to Mrs. Rowlands, since I didn’t get an answer for the first one last year – but this one was very quick! She did an excellent job slapping Gibbs… uhm, I mean, portraying his mother-in-law and mother of Shannon and Kelly. (And even though I’m not a fan of the more and more frequent family member-appearances on NCIS I’d be interested in a single (!) overkill episode, where daddies Gibbs, DiNozzo and David meet – I guess it could be funny if she came back for that, too)

I added only one full scan this time to the NCIS section., I don’t dare to post the very beautiful b/w picture.


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