Alicia Coppola – amazing success

Okay, I thought I’d have calmed down by now, but I’m still totally over the moon with this.
Last year in August I decided to build up a fanpage for my favourite actress, Alicia Coppola (Jericho, Crossing Jordan, NCIS, Profiler, National Treasure II…). Shortly after I had made the site public I had written her a letter, asking if she’s okay with me making such a website – you never know. Some actors don’t want something like that. So I wanted to make sure.

I got no response, so I assumed that she would have put in a veto if she didn’t want a fanpage. I continued uploading galleries of her roles, and posting news and when the site was more or less complete (with more than 30 galleries of her roles) I sent her another letter in January this year, with a questionnaire, containing 10 questions of me and other fans.

But I didn’t get anything back. Then a few weeks ago, a friend of mine, the webmaster of the Rudolf Martin fanpage, encouraged me to try again – and above all because a few autograph requests to other actors, that I had send around the same time in January had gotten lost, I send the (updated) letter, in which I had told her about the current status of the page, and the questionnaire again.

And 2 days ago I got an amazing reply! null

She had actually answered all 10 questions, and – what’s even more important to me – she commented on the page:

Hi Nele -
You are doing a wonderful job on the site - truly. I appreciate your time and the work you've put into it - its dignified and very well done. I thank you for that. Keep up the GREAT work! Love - Alicia =)

You can imagine, how thrilled I am!

I won’t post the questionnaire here, but already did on the fan page of course!

Here’s her note and here her answers to the questionnaire


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