Sarah Jane Morris

31.01.11 – 03.05.11

Sarah Jane Morris (EJ Barrett / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yesss! Another great success. I love this hobby! My newest favourite – okay, 2nd favourite, Fornell will always be #1 – currently recurring guest role: When EJ first appeared in 8×17, I immediately liked her and this didn’t change in the next episodes. Okay, I always like characters that dare to oppose the team and Gibbs, but for a role that defies Gibbs AND (hopefully) ends the Tiva crap, I’m really thankful. Also, I can hope now for a real clash between DiNozzo and Gibbs. Yeah, I know. I’m – almost – all against love, peace and harmony regarding that show. So I really hope, EJ and her team (Agent Cade is just cool and Agent “Sinclair” – uhm, wrong show… – Levin in any case!) will make it through the season finale. I want a spin-off with all three of them.

Thanks @ Sarah Jane Morris, also for your patience and kind words on twitter.

*secretly hopes that the 2nd request gets through, too. That NCIS promo pic is so lovely*

I already added the full scans to the NCIS section.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Jane Morris

    • I think she did an excellent job, especially in 8×24. Even if one is not a fan of Barrett, I think the scene when she desperately tries to make the mark go away is very very good played. I sent my request via the NCIS set.

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