Rena Sofer

05.03.11 – 14.04.11

Rena Sofer (Allison Hart / NCIS & Kerry Ellison / Hostile Advances)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

I decided to write her again since one of the 2 pics I sent to her in my first request wasn’t really my first choice of photos (don’t ask, why I chose it, then). Also, back then I had only watched one or two episodes in one show… now I saw Rena Sofer act also in Bones, Criminal Minds, Monk, Deadly Season and my absolute favourite, Hostile Advances. So I absolutely wanted her signature at least on the Hostile Advances pic and I’m very thankful that she signed it 🙂

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.


2 thoughts on “Rena Sofer

  1. Can you possibly email me the addresses that you used to get the autographs of Rena Sofer and Sarah Jane Morris? Thanks

    • Hi, I’ll email you another address than the one I used for Rena, because that one seems outdated. For Sarah Jane Morris I used the NCIS set address, while she was filming it now and then, so it’s no longer valid.

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