Aidan Turner

26.01.11 – 16.03.11

Aidan Turner (John Mitchell / Being Human)

3/3 photos signed and personalized (seriously smudged though 😦 ) + a short note.

Yey! I didn’t think I’d get a response so quickly – so I’m not 100% sure it’s authentic because I’d have thought he’s in New Zealand at the moment, and the letter came from Ireland. I started watching Being Human (UK) just recently but was immediately intrigued by the story line and the characters. Now that I’ve seen all episodes, including the breathtaking finale of season three, I’d definitely recommend this show. Mitchell is one hot vampire! (Sorry needed to say that! 😀 ) I don’t often cry watching a series, but well, in the final minutes of seasen 3 I did. Stunning performance by all the actors. And Aidan acted so good throughout the whole series! Just love that show and really really hope that he’ll return in season 4!!
Okay, concerning the smudged autograph: I’m thinking about sending another request, cause as you can see, the signatures are seriously smudged, except the one on the letter. But at the moment I don’t have any UK or irish stamps, so it’ll have to wait. Though I guess I better hurry before the Hobbit fame sets in.

I already added the full scan to the Other TV shows section.


3 thoughts on “Aidan Turner

  1. I can’t suggest anything to help you decide whether they’re authentic or not, but logically I would expect bulk fan mail be sent from Aidan’s rep (which I’m assuming is in Ireland/UK somewhere) to New Zealand (which is where I live – no, I haven’t seen him, Peter hides all his actors pretty well) where Aidan autographs a massive amount of them at once, these are then returned in bulk to the rep, who then posts. I think it’s more likely they’re genuine than not. 🙂

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