Lela Loren

13.01.11 – 31.01.11

Lela Loren (Special Agent Isabella Cortez / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Last success of January, the first success from requests I sent out this year. Very fast indeed. Lela Loren appeared in the episode 7×06 – Outlaws and In-Laws as Special Agent Isabella Cortez, who is stationed at a Naval Base where Gibbs’ boat is found with two dead mercenaries on board. She processes the crime scene and clears the way to Mexico for Vance, Gibbs and herself where they want to apprehend Mike Franks. I kinda liked her in that short performance. As I said before, the series lacks a couple of recurring guest stars. Why not another NCIS agent? Should be easy to involve her now and then.

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.


2 thoughts on “Lela Loren

  1. I like reoccuring starts–like Fornel, but they seem to be cutting them out. Paula and Kate were killed off, Faith hasn’t appeared since season 1, they wrote Scottie Thompson out, and even Fornel has only had 1 (maybe 2, I can’t remember) appearance this year!

  2. I agree (though Faith has been there in the 2nd season twice). Okay, they did bring in new NCIS agents now with EJ, Levin and Cade, but I fear that they will be killed off again. At least one or two of them and I doubt – but eagerly hope – that the other(s) will come back in season 9 then.

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