Albie Selznick

13.01.11 – 02.02.11

Albie Selznick (Marty Allen / NCIS & Tak Tak / Star Trek Voyager)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

It’s the week of the quick successes, isn’t it? Another request from this year already answered. And, though Mr. Selznick participated in one NCIS episode, so naturally I consider his autograph an addition to my NCIS collection, I actually wrote to him because of his amazing and totally funny performance in Star Trek Voyager. I just got to watch this series a couple of months ago (and only know the first three seasons), but I got a laughing fit, when I saw his role in the episode 3×12 “Macrocosm” and I just needed to write him.

I already added one full scan to the NCIS section and the other (a photo from his ST: Voyager role) in the “Other TV shows” section.


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