Diane Neal

25.05.10 + 15.06.10 – 08.01.11

Diane Neal (CGIS SA Abigail Borin / NCIS)

3/3 and 2/2 photos signed.

Well well, the new year continues to bring pleasant surprises! I sent two requests to Diane Neal when she did the stage play “Love, Loss and What I Wore” in May/June 2010. The first request immediately when it began, but I thought that it got lost, because another letter that I had sent on the very same day to a friend here in Germany didn’t arrive. So I decided to send another one. But there were no answers at all, no playbills signed via the play, no other recorded successes from Diane, so I had given up the hope to get an answer. But here it is! Both enveloves arrived on the same day. Excellent timing, considering that she had her second appearance in the newest NCIS episode (8×11 – Ships in the Night – 11.01.2011) 😉 And I liked her role even more in that episode! I really hope she’ll come back again – and she doesn’t have to wait a year for that!

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.

By the way… I was so excited yesterday, because I learned that Deutsche Post (german post) actually lowered the prices for letters overseas – and massively! A standard letter (for 4×6 inch pictures) doesn’t cost 1,70 € anymore but 0,75!! So I ripped off all the 1,70 stamps that I had already put on the envelopes for a new bunch of requests. And the bigger letters, for 8×10 inch pictures, don’t cost 6,00 € anymore but 3,45! So I guess I’m gonna use the seven 1,70 stamps that I had already bought for a couple of 8×10 letters… but for whom?! 😀 Whatever: big thanks to Deutsche Post! Finally a great move and reeeally great for autograph collectors!


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