Renée Felice Smith

26.10.10 – 05.01.11

Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones / NCIS: LA)

3/3 photos signed and personalized & a letter

That’s really a great start in 2011. First this amazing gift, now the first TTM success. I really like Nell in NCIS: LA season 2, though I hope that she won’t replace Eric one day. She’s so spirited and funny, a perfect complement to Eric. And Renée is really kind and sweet. On the one hand this funny dedication “to the real Nele ❤ the TV Nell!” (I wrote her, that my nickname is Nell, since I was in Spain and the Spanish weren’t able to say Ne-le but called me Nell instead), on the other hand she wrote a long and very lovely letter! A very kind person!

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.


5 thoughts on “Renée Felice Smith

  1. How did you get her autograph? I’m trying to find an address for like her agency or anything and get my own.
    Hope you can help!

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