Adam Jamal Craig, Ronald Auguste, Muse Watson

04.01.11 (23-26.09.10)

Adam Jamal Craig (Dominic Vaile / NCIS: LA)
Ronald Auguste (Mowadh “Moe” Dusa / NCIS: LA)
Muse Watson (Mike Franks / NCIS)
Pancho Demmings (Gerald Jackson / NCIS)
Rudolf Martin (Ari Haswari / NCIS)
Doug Reilly [graphic designer / NCIS]
Melissa Adlof [production assistant / NCIS]
Michael Devine [NCIS special agent]

Awwwwww!!! Two days ago I received this multisigned sheet as a (belated) christmas gift from my dear friend Vicky ( 😉 ). She was at the NCIS FanFest 2010 and collected a couple of autographs for me, among them three signatures I had partially tried to get but without success: Adam Jamal Craig, Ronald Auguste and Muse Watson. From Adam Jamal Craig I got two RTSs so far, so it is sooo cool that I got his autograph now. Now I have the entire NCIS: LA season 1 main cast. For Ronald Auguste I just hadn’t found any autograph address, so I hadn’t tried so far and Muse Watson… well, since he wants money for an autograph via mail and since I can’t stand his role in NCIS, I wouldn’t have written to him but of course it’s a great addition for my collection, too.

Rudolf’s and Pancho’s autographs I already had, but it’s cool to have them also on that multi-signed sheet. And Doug Reilly, graphic designer of NCIS, Melissa Adlof, production assistant, and Michael Devine, a real NCIS special agent, are a neat addition!

Thanks, Vicky!! null

I already added the scan to the NCIS section (on the one hand the full scan, on the other the five actors under their names).


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