Jordan Belfi


Jordan Belfi (Josh Lindsey / Moonlight)

bought 1 signed 8×10 photo

I haven’t seen any TTM or VV success from him since 2006, so I decided to bid on his autograph and I got it for little money. I liked his role and performance in Moonlight – it’s a pity that this show got cancelled so soon. If it had sat through to the Twilight hysteria, I guess it would still run. Okay, well, Josh would still be dead, but hey, perhaps they would have changed the plot or something. Josh as vampire is a funny thought.

I already added the full scan to the Other TV shows section.

PS: got a PP from Michael Weatherly. Don’t know why and from which address 😀 Don’t care either, but I just wanted to post it so that you can compare. And yes, it’s definitively a PP.

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