Jaime Murray

? – 26.10.10

Jaime Murray (Agent Foster-Yates / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed

First: Yay!!! Second: Okay, this success is kind of a riddle. In total I sent 4 requests to Jaime Murray, via four different addresses. I already got an answer via a canadian venue, this leaves three tries. The first one in May 09 I sent to the Luber Rocklin management in the States. The second one in October 09 to the NCIS set, and the third one in November 09 to her agency in the UK. The first one I can rule out, because back then I didn’t have these two photos. The autographs now came from the States, plus, I printed the photos in July and different photos right before my November try… so, does this mean, that she will return/returns/returned to NCIS?! Btw.: This method of foretelling already worked twice for me before, so, why not this time, too?
That would pretty brilliant!!!

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.

PS: I gave one of the autographs to a friend, so I’m gonna delete that picture from the gallery.


4 thoughts on “Jaime Murray

  1. Hi, I’m also a fan of Jaime Murray. I think it’s great that you got her autograph. I hope they bring her back on season 3 of Warehouse 13. Where can I see the whole autographed picture?

  2. Right… someone else has what you want, so you get jealous… understandable to a certain degree. But believe me, I put quite some money and time in this hobby, especially regarding for my favourites actors and actresses.

    Yes, I’m talking to you, Jaime Murray fans, who obviously (http://crushonjaimemurray.tumblr.com/post/11907321761/i-hate-this-guy-i-hate-this-guy) grudge me my autograph of this actress. Stop insulting a fellow fan who sought her luck. Write to Jaime yourselves – I tried 4 different addresses before I finally got a success, so there’s no need to get insolent and aggressive!

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