Gil Birmingham

13.10.10 – 23.10.10

Gil Birmingham (Billy Black / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

I really didn’t expect this one, and I’m stunned. Bit by bit I get the main Twilight cast 😉 Though one can’t see it in my collection so far, I’m always pro “werewolf” plus I’m always pro “ancient tribes” (haha, yeah really… I’ve got a weakness for ancient nations!), so also in the Twilight saga I’m “team Quileute”. Long story short, I couldn’t resist writing Mr Birmingham and I’m happy about this autograph.

I already added the full scan to the Other Movies  –> Twilight section.

Though, I’m half crying, because I got another success recently from Ray Stevenson (Dagonet / King Arthur), but he misread my name, so his two autographs are personalized to “Nick” instead of “Nele” 😦 I’m gonna try to remove the dedication. If I succeed, I’ll post these autographs too, if not, ergo if I destroy the photo/autograph… well, I won’t post it 😀 Keep your fingers crossed.

And I got two new RTS 😦 from Eric Christian Olsen (AGAIN!) and from Sean Murray (no problem, because I got his autograph).


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