Michael C. Hall

either 10.01.10 or 03.08.10 – 28.08.10

Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan / Dexter)

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

I’m becoming more and more superstitious *laughing* After the Laz Alonso success 8 days ago I checked our mailbox myself every day. Nothing. And the day my father checks it, another great success. I think I won’t go to the mailbox anymore but’ll let my parents do this 😀 Whatever, this success is so supercool. Dexter is without any doubt the most extraordinary TV show I know – where else would you favour a serial killer? Michael C. Hall does a hell of a job; I love his performances! So, right now, I’m prancing 😀

I already added the full scan to the Other TV shows section.

Btw. you should be able to find all signatures via the search now. It didn’t work before for all the pre-2010-successes but now I added all those names to that post, so the search should help you (for example if you type in “Andy Serkis” in the search, it should direct you to the December post where his signature is posted)


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