NCIS: LA – Cast

10.12.09 – 27.01.10

NCIS: LA – complete cast (except Adam Jamal Craig, who got written out of the show before my request got forwarded)

Barrett Foa – Eric Beal

Chris O’Donnell – G. Callen

Daniela Ruah – Kensi Blye

Linda Hunt – Hetty Lange

LL Cool J – Sam Hanna

Peter Cambor – Nate Getz

photo signed by 6 members of the cast

Okay, do I have to say more than “Woooooooooohooo!!!” it’s the best success I ever had; I’ve already had the autographs of Barrett, LL and Peter but this is simply amazing!!


7 thoughts on “NCIS: LA – Cast

  1. Congrats! I finally saw the NCIS where NCIS LA was introduced and I am hooked. I don’t usually watch TV when it is on TV so I can’t wait for the DVDs. Do you have a scan of the full image you got? I like what I can see of the graphic design but I would like to see it all.


  2. I got Peter Cambor’s autograph via a private address. Sorry, can’t help there. But perhaps you can find out the filming address of Wedding Band (and of course, if he’s still filming it or if they’ve wrapped – I have no idea).

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